Schuyler Dawson hails from Marin County California at the intersection of rural and suburb. He spent his youth crashing bicycles with an army of boys in his cul-de-sac and building forts in the marshlands and woods nearby.  Through his work, he seeks to highlight the subtle beauties of the world around us, to explore our subjective perceptions and to find the beauty in our struggles to understand our place in the world. In pursuit of a life of creating, Schuyler attended San Diego State University where he received his BFA.  During this time, he became interested in exploring installation work outside the gallery context. These interests led him post-BFA to have solo shows in such locations as dilapidated WW2 military bunkers and oak forests. Most Recently he exhibited work in his MFA thesis show: Catching Our Breathe in the Eternal Dust at the Turner Gallery in Alfred, NY, the group show: Within Between, in Hornell, NY as well as work in the Southern Tier Biennial in Olean, NY where he one Best in Show for his piece, Ode to Adolescence. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo show at the Center Gallery in Olean, NY in September 2018. Schuyler Recently Received his MFA in Sculpture from Alfred University in the Spring of 2018.